17 April 2012

Mekong Delta--Life on the Water, Part 2

Welcome back. Today’s blog post concludes last Friday’s guest photo travelogue by Ellen Haack on her recent visit, with husband Barry, to Vietnam. 

It must be laundry day on this houseboat carrying sugarcane.
A boat loaded with sugarcane
The bricks fired in these beehive-shaped kilns along the water’s edge will soon be transported in the waiting boats.
Brick-making kilns
Bridges take people and their motorcycles over the water, but they have to be built high enough to allow passage of the water traffic below.
Boats passing under a bridge

Produce gets transported, bought and sold on the water. These boats are part of one of the Mekong Delta’s famed “floating markets.” What’s hanging atop the bamboo pole is what’s for sale on the boat.
“Floating market” boats
This is clearly the pineapple boat.
Boat loaded with pineapple
“How about some bananas or a soda?”
Young salesman
Her grocery shopping’s finished. She’s either got a large family or a restaurant.  
A food-stocked boat
It looks like they’re also finished and might have restaurants, too.
More food-stocked boats
She didn’t forget the coconuts. Or maybe she’s taking them out on the water to sell.
A boat with coconut
The busy days on the Mekong Delta do come to an end. The sun sets, activity slowly ceases, it’s quiet. Everyone needs to rest before another busy day begins early tomorrow. 
A Mekong Delta sunset

Well, what did you think? I hope you’ll comment or contact me with your reaction to Ellen’s post as well as your thoughts about my offering an occasional guest post. In any event, thanks for stopping by.

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