02 June 2011

Technology Update Photo Addendum 3

After seeing and, especially, hearing a neighbor struggling to remove grass clippings from his front lawn with a gas-power leaf blower, I’d like to announce the latest technology for yard work. It’s called a “rake.” 
Rake on lawn and driveway
If you order within the next ten minutes, which would have been enough time for my neighbor to manually remove the clippings with this revolutionary device, we will include a second tool. 

This tool was scientifically designed and tested to clear sidewalks as well as driveways. It’s called a “broom.”
Broom on driveway

Rake and broom on driveway


Yes, there's a place for power blowers, particularly quieter electric power blowers and those that also vacuum and shred. But does that place have to be my neighbor’s home?

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  1. 02 06 11

    Repeat after me: Americans will buy any gadget, no matter how useless, as long it's as "seen on TV" and the neighbors also have one.


    P.S. This is a test.