15 June 2011

Puerto Rico Photo Addendum 3

Our principal stop in Old San Juan was the Castillo San Felipe del Morro. “El Morro” has stood at tip of the San Juan islet, guarding the city and bay, since the 16th Century. 

I’m adding some of my older photos to our vacation photos of this intriguing structure. The older photos preceded the San Juan National Historic Site, which includes El Morro, being designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Entrance to El Morro, Puerto Rico, 1970.
Courtyard, El Morro, Puerto Rico.
Stairway, El Morro, Puerto Rico.
Cannons, El Morro, Puerto Rico.
An inner fortress wall and
cannon, El Morro, Puerto Rico.
Stairs and ramp, El Morro, Puerto Rico.


  1. Photos were from 2004 and 1970. I feel bad the email alert for this photo addendum didn’t go out when it was released. But at least it did go out as part of the next post.