09 April 2011


After bidding farewells to colleagues, I retired at the end of 2010, on New Year’s Eve, no less. To celebrate that memorable night, my wife, Vicki, flew off to visit her family in Wisconsin; our son, Noah, home on a college break, drove off to visit his girlfriend, leaving me his cat, Henry, who lacks all manner of social skill and must be isolated from our cat, Boss; and my daughter, Rachel, well, she lives in another state (geographically).  

For years I had planned and re-planned every aspect of my retirement. Unfortunately, I never got very far with the what-I-might-do-next part. And I never had much time to take a breath.

Now, I’m off to explore. Along the way, I’ll do a lot of remembering. I was hoping you might like to come along.  

What Can You Expect?

If all goes well, this blog will be a cross between what I, as a recent retiree, am doing or thinking about doing, and my long-awaited, much-anticipated memoir. (Well, it might have been much anticipated if it weren’t G-rated.) 

What will I write about? I’m open but I’ll certainly cover what I’ve been dabbling with since retiring.
- Took an online course.
- Started climbing my genealogical tree
- Bought a scanner to convert piles of old photos

I’ll also get into what I’ve been thinking about doing.
- Writing
- Traveling
- Volunteering

Though I may lose you, I’d better tell you what I definitely won’t write about, in case any of the topics are high on your list.
- Playing golf—Heresy, but I’ve never had interest in elevating my renowned golfing skills beyond getting the ball through the windmill and similar obstacles.
- Cooking--Vicki cooks; I clean and do laundry, for which you have enough hints.
- Landing a part-time job--My plan is to stay retired.

Wrap Up

What do you think? Your comments would be appreciated. For example, when I get into traveling, I could always use some pointers on where we’ll find the best yurts. I’ll learn, maybe you’ll learn and I hope we’ll enjoy each other's company. 

In any event, many thanks for stopping by. I’ll write again in about a week.

Warren and yurt, Altay, northwest China.
Yurt campsite, Altay, northwest China.
Inside our yurt, Altay, northwest China.
The dismantled yurts carried off
by camel, Altay, northwest China.


  1. Warren! I love it! I am excited to hear what you are up to!

  2. Great Blog, look forward to hearing more! thanks, Donna

  3. Warren
    My son Brian stayed in a great Yurt a couple of years ago at Camp Chinchigook at Lake George!See you don't need to travel too far to find a great yurt.

  4. Congratulations, Warren!